Dr Esmail Shahbazi, Faculty member

Researcher Agro Science & Rural Engineering, Toulouse University- France

Professor Vahid-Reza Ouhadi, Faculty member.

Civil Engineering & Geotechnical Eng, McGill University, Canada

Doctor Ali-Reza Vassigh, M.D.

Charing Cross and WestMinister Medical School – London University, United Kingdom. Researcher and Manager for programing for Wrost Deseases, Malaria and Aids Diseases for WHO – UN

Professor Mohamad-Ali Zolfigol, PhD.

Organic Chemistry, Shiraz University, Iran

Doctor Mohamad Maleki, PhD.

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, University of Lyon, France

Majid Habibian, Master in Science

Electrical Engineering, University of Elm & Sanaat [Science & Industry], Iran

Doctor Ahmad Khodadadi Darban, PhD.

Associate Professor, Engineering Environmental Sciences, McGill, Canada

Doctor Massoud Shams Bakhsh, PhD.

Associate Professor, Molecular Biology of Plants & Viral Diseases of Plants, Australia