Computer Program

  • Introduction of the Field

The trend of software in computer engineering includes the design & production of tools, analysis, and, implementation- array- sorting- of algorithms. Because of the increasing needs for the field and ever increasing progress of the computer science, The training methodology of the program is constantly adjusted and updated to parallel the overall trend of the technology. The ever increasing needs for internet usage with electronic trading, online teaching classes, and more, predict a bright future for the candidates for the field of computer science. The additional attractive aspect of the training of computer program is its basic knowledge of hardware technology that provides students the ability to co-design projects related to robots. The computer engineering is generally designed as a 2-year program with a 4-term course.

A total of 72 credits is needed that includes:

  • General 9
  • Basic 8
  • Main (mandatory) 20
  • Specialty 21
  • Optional 12
  • Pre-requisite 2