Mapping – Surveying Engineering

  • Introduction of the Field

The Program started by offering Associate Degrees in Mapping Technology in 2002. Few years later in 2007, the program was approved [by the Ministry for Sciences, Technology, & Research] for Bachelor’s Degree Discontinuous, and then approved in 2011 for Bachelor’s Degree, Continuous. The Program has successfully graduated highly well trained outstanding specialist that benefited from the teaching of the most advanced updated techniques in the field, making the Program ranked first in the Eastern region of the country for training in mapping, photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information system GIS, hydrography, and global positioning system, GPS. The teaching faculty members for the program are recruited between the best graduates from Universities such as Tehran University, and Khajeh Nassirel-din Toussy University. The Program’s present and future goals are to assure it is capable to respond to the ever growing needs and demands of the Country in civil and constructions engineering.

Laboratories include

Land Mapping – surveying and Applied Mapping & Geodetic laboratory. This laboratory is equipped with 5 Theodolite cameras, 15 Total Station cameras, 15 Bench Marking devices. Additional equipment includes barometer, Norma survey & tripod, tripod for camera, measuring tapes, clinometers, compass, levels, and other simple mapping tools

Analog Digital Photogrammetry, with production line

Centered GIS lab, remote sensing, cartography, digital mapping, all equipped with the latest version and most advanced software